Oceanyx Pharmaceuticals continues to build a platform of novel drugs from its marine biology (cyanobacteria)-based natural product chemistry platform. The company is exercised some of its options for the acquisition of worldwide exclusive rights to intellectual property (IP) portfolio from Professor Hendrik Luesch’s laboratory at the University of Florida for several new chemical entities (NCEs) and their analogs that are indicated for the treatment of several diseases.

The company’s initial plans are to develop largazole for the treatment of cancer(s), given that the class I HDAC isoforms, represent validated target(s) for the treatment of cancer in humans.  Furthermore, the Company is exploring collaborative opportunities for its apratoxin platform, especially those with antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) programs.  Largazole and/or one its analogs will also be available for exclusive licensing following demonstration of clinical proof-of-safety and activity in patients.